About Flavia and the Dream Maker

Based on the internationally popular book (a true story) by artist/poet Flavia Weedn, Flavia and the Dream Maker is a story of family, coming of age, the importance of dreaming and—ultimately—love. This musical explores the whimsical yet practical world of a small, loving family during World War II. Due to financial hardships, 12-year-old Flavia, her younger brother and mother are forced to relocate and move in with Flavia's grandmother. This is where the story begins, near south central Los Angeles, when Flavia meets her first dream maker, "Uncle Jack." He teaches her to dream, imagine and appreciate the beauty of the unique qualities each person is given. Jack's dream, however, is to fly a plane for, and serve, his Uncle Sam. His departure is met with mixed emotions, and the temporary (and eventually permanent) loss to the family is met with unselfish love and strength. The play charts Flavia's journey through self-acceptance and her eventual metamorphosis into the family's inspirational anchor.

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