About Grease

Grease; the classic musical that get's everyone grooving! Follow the adventures of Sandy, Danny, and all the Pink Ladies and T-Birds through the world of High School. Experience a story of change, teen romance, and following your dreams as the characters of this nostalgic tale pave their way to your hearts and make you remember your own wild youth! 

Buhler High School

Welcome to Buhler High School! Here at our school we always strive for a positive and productive environment, and hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, especially in our music department. We always want to give the best product we can to the public, and learn along the way. Our musical program has evolved from small-time dinner theatre in a half-empty cafeteria to full sets, casts, and a multitude of help from the talented community of Buhler. We hope the evolution of our program over time inspires you, and lets you know that every amazing production started off humbly. Enjoy the show!

-Cast of Grease