About Staged Reading: Green Bean Casserole

Sophie Kellogg is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time with the intention of introducing her family to her fiancé, Luke. However, after a quick panic, Sophie convinces her roommate, Mary, to help her hide her engagement. Between mistaken relationships, unexpected guests and a kitchen fire, it’ll be a miracle if Thanksgiving turns out alright.


  • Reading,  Self/Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble,  2019
  • Reading,  Self/Emporia State University Theatre Students, 2018
  • Reading, Self/Members of Topeka Theatre Community, 2018
  • Workshop, Self/Members of Topeka Theatre Community, 2018
  • ReadingSelf/Emporia State University Theatre Students, 2017


  • Community Theater, Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble, 2019

About Underground

UNDERGROUND is Avenue Arts Marketplace & Theatre's staged reading company that is committed to reaching out to those that are underserved in our community and other communities, ultimately giving a voice to the voiceless through staged readings of new works. UNDERGROUND is led by Producing Artistic Director, David Lee and Company Manager, Emily Hisey and is comprised of 20 local actors that are determined to tell the stories that individuals around the world need to hear.