About Smiling Through The Pain

Content Warning: Descriptions of medical issues and medical negligence.

You would never guess by looking at her that Beverly spends most of her days in pain. Many people like Beverly seemingly go about their lives while battling invisible illnesses. Join us as we shine a light on Beverly’s illness and how she navigates a world that only believes what it can see.

Artistic Synergy of Baltimore

Artistic Synergy of Baltimore (ASoB) is a 501(c) community theater, founded in 2012 as a company of local performers with a love for theater and a dream of building a space where seasoned performers could work with and teach new performers, where different genres of performance could be explored, and where new performers could practice and hone their craft.

We aim to produce quality theatrical entertainment, throughout the year, featuring performers of all ages, races, backgrounds, and performance and/or technical experiences. We strive to achieve this by choosing plays and musicals that interest a wide variety of the Baltimore theater community and we sincerely hope you enjoy our performances.