AAI Music Showcase Cast

Sequoia Matteoli (Singer)
Sequoia started singing when she was fairly young. All over the house, outside, in school, in the car, and many other places. Although she doesn’t play any instruments perfectly she knows a little piano, guitar, and ukulele. She enjoys most music and tends to wander back and forth through different genres of music. She went to All County Choir in 8th grade and loved it. In addition to her love of music, she’s been a dancer since she was 11 years old and has no intention of giving it up any time soon.
Sydira Shapiro (Emcee & Singer/Songwriter)
Music and poetry have been ever blossoming parts of Sydira’s personality since she was young. Sydira started piano lessons in first grade and is still taking them today. At around the same time, she fell in love with poetry, both reading and writing it. Between the ages of 11-15, Sydira joined a competitive youth choir; picked up the ukulele; performed locally twice a month; and joined her high school’s choir. In sophomore year, Sydira joined the music program at the Arcata Arts Institute at her school, where she explored writing original music that conveyed her emotions and life experiences.
Josh Hurst (Musician/Songwriter)
Josh started becoming interested in music when he began learning flute in fifth grade. Now a sophomore, Josh’s main instrument is alto saxophone. He also plays a bit of flute and guitar. In 2019, he went to a twenty one pilots concert, and his passion only grew. When he isn’t practicing music, Josh likes to write poetry and short stories.
Daniel House (Guitarist)
Daniel House's main instrument is guitar, which he's been playing for three years. Daniel started playing piano when he was younger and he now plays fingerstyle on an acoustic guitar. Daniel mainly enjoys playing covers of popular songs, but has done other styles. Daniel is also an athlete and has played sports in the past in school and outside school. He is currently in the Esports Club at school with his friends. He wants to keep learning music and be able to share what he has learned with others.
Dylan Berman (Emcee & Pianist)
Dylan Berman has been playing piano since third grade. He has enjoyed his time in AAI as well as Jazz Band at HSU and Suzuki Camp in elementary school. Outside of piano he enjoys fencing and biking.
Emma Kaber (Manager & Performer)
Emma is a 1st year AAI student, who sings, and plays the clarinet and the Bari sax. She goes to Northwest Band Camp every year, and it's become her life. She likes to play jazz and concert band music. She was even in All County Jazz twice, once as a middle schooler! Her other hobbies include hiking, camping, and backpacking, and she wants to be a forester after graduating college. She's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.
Ruby Langdon (Singer/Songwriter)
Ruby Langdon is a vocalist who taught herself to play ukulele, guitar, and bass. She’s done musicals with her school and has been in choir throughout grade school, and done some independent work in high school. Ruby typically enjoys things like butterflies, tea and the color green.
Carly Lankarani (Manager & Singer/Songwriter)
Carly Lankarani is a senior at Arcata High School, this year being their 3rd year in AAI. Their primary instruments are electric bass, guitar, and vocals, but they also play ukulele and piano. Carly has been writing original songs since sophomore year but has been involved in music since they were a toddler. Besides AAI, Carly has played bass in Arcata High’s orchestra and jazz band. Besides music, Carly enjoys baking, playing online games with their friends, and astrology (they’re a scorpio!).
Alexus Roberts (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist)
Alexus Roberts is a self taught musican who sings, songwrites, and plays guitar. She has been playing guitar for about 2 years, performed at local venues (such as Redwood Yogurt and HumBrews) and has played in a couple bands within AAI. Alexus loves expressing her thoughts and feelings through her musical performances. Alexus mostly plays within alternative and indie genres but she also likes to branch out and try out new styles of music. She also regularly posts covers and original content on social media sites under the username @starguitarr on instagram, tik tok, youtube and soundcloud. Outside of music she paints, draws, upcycles and designs clothes, and does makeup art.
Cooper Donnelly (Musician)
Cooper Donnelly is a sophomore at Arcata High. He has been playing music consistently since 5th grade at Trinidad Elementary. He plays the marimba, Steel pan, and other percussion
Vincent Shapiro (Manager/Musician)
Vincent Shapiro is 16 years old, and plays mainly the guitar, but also has a background in piano and likes to play the drums. He has performed on stage twice, where he played Hotel California by the Eagles, We are the Champions by Queen, Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats, and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. His favorite musical experience so far is his performance of We are the Champions with his band. His interests outside of music include Mountain Biking, which he hopes to turn into a career eventually, and travel.