Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. Cast

Rico Rodolfo Bolos (Prince Eric)
Rico Rodolfo Bolos (Prince Eric): Rico is a 16-year-old sophomore who has no prior experience in drama and whatsoever but has done numerous declamation and oratorical speeches so you might say that he has drama experience but not in theater drama per se. He is super excited for his first play theater-wise and he has been very positive during rehearsals. He is very eager to know how he would do on opening night! He is also a part of SunSations, the chamber choir of the school.
Emalee Saum (Sea Creature, Chef)
Emalee Saum (sea creatures/chef)- Emalee is a 15 year old freshman. Who has been in drama for a year now and has been in several plays growning up. She has had a big passion for performing for so long.She loves to express herself with theater art. She has already been in a play this year (Robin hood) and has taken that in a big moment of her freshman year.She is so excited for little mermaid and for the cast to do their thing out on the stage.
Emma M Castillo (Pilot, Seagull, Chef)
Emma M Castillo (Pilot, seagull, chef): Emma is a 14 year old freshman. This is her first show as a highschooler and was in one other show when she was younger. She is excited to see all the amazing characters come to life thanks to the wonderful actors and actresses, as well as the stage crew. She has also been in choir and a small women’s singing ensemble in the past.
Jasmine Milagros Madrigal (Aquata)
Jasmine Milagros Madrigal (Aquata): Jasmine is a 15-year-old freshman who has no previous experience with drama or choir, however she has a strong passion for it. All her life she has wanted to be in a musical production, and now you can say her dream came true. One thing that Jasmine is super excited about is seeing all the happy faces during the performance of the Little Mermaid Jr. She is also ecstatic to see the growth between her and her cast members throughout the shows.
Avalon Kissinger (Seahorse)
Avalon Kissinger (Seahorse): Avalon is a 15 year old Freshman who has never been in drama but is excited to enter acting. She is very happy to be able to build a good show with friends and experience performing in another role. Avalon has never done a play but is excited to get the new experience from opening night.
Nicole Leah Johnson (Scuttle)
Nicole Leah Johnson (Scuttle): Nicole is 15 and is a freshman. In middle school, her drama class performed plays about kindness and character to preschoolers. She’s glad that in her first year she has already made so many great friends because of Little Mermaid and is excited for the show.
Bernadette Crystal Meza (Carlotta, Water)
Bernadette Crystal Meza ( Carlotta): BB is a 16 year old sophomore who has been doing drama for two years and hopes to keep doing drama throughout her life. She is excited to be participating in another show and to get to know her new cast and bring everything to life. She loves to dance and sing even though she thinks shes no good at it. BB's first show was Mary Poppins and was excited to see what she accomplished and she can't wait to see what she will do with the next one.
Aiden Michael Garcia (Flounder)
Aiden Michael Garcia (Flounder): Aiden is a 14 year old freshman who has been doing drama for two years and tries to keep it in his life. He is excited and happy to do this production. He loves to sing. He is in SunSations. His very first show was Lion King. He was the main character Simba. He is excited to see all the joy and laughter and emotions in this production.
Lori Weaver (Jellyfish, Sailor, Chef)
Lori Weaver (jellyfish, sailor and chef): Lori is a 14 year old freshman who has been in drama for a year and has been in the Robin Hood and she is very excited for her first musical.
Rachal Burress (Jellyfish, Frog, Chef)
Rachal Burress (jellyfish, chef, frog): Rachal is a 17 year old junior who started drama this year and was in Robin Hood. She is really excited to be in her first musical and would like to learn dances more often.
Marshall Dobbs (King Triton)
Marshall Dobbs (King Triton): Marshall is a Junior who has been involved in theatre for three years and loves the Sundevil Actors Guild. Marshall has been in four previous productions (Emperor’s New Clothes, Anne Frank, Mary Poppins, and Robin Hood) and is passionate in every role he plays. He hopes everyone enjoys the show he and his peers have worked hard to put together.
Marissa Swaney (Water)
Marissa Swaney (Water): Marissa is a 16 year old Sophomore who has been in drama for the past two years. Marissa not only enjoys the acting side of theatre but she also loves learning more about the tech side of theatre. She has been in all the main productions during her time at AVHS and is excited to be a part of another one. Marissa has loved seeing herself grow in these past two years and can’t wait to see what growth she’ll make in this show. She can safely say that being a part of this show and drama in general is the funnest time she’s had in her life.
Gabrielle Hepp (Atina)
Gabrielle Hepp (Atina): Gabby is a 15 year old sophomore who has been involved with the preforming arts for around 4 years and is also in the Sunsations show choir. She is very excited to be a part of this wonderful production that everyone has worked so hard on.
Kaylee Shearee Faith Hannah (Tech)
Kaylee Hannah ( handling mic packs ) : kaylee is an 18 year old senior. This is her third show helping with tech. She is also In sunsations at AVHS, She is stage crew manager with sunsations. Kaylee is very excited to be doing another musical, where choir and drama get to work together to create such a beautiful show.
Michael Allen (Spotlight (Tech Crew))
Jasmin Venegas (Water)
Jasmin Venegas (Sea Chorus): Jasmin is a 16 year old junior she has never done any productions prior to this one. She will love to continue to be in further productions, Jasmin is excited to see how this show turns out and to sing and dance in front of a crowd.
Conner Aceves Esquivel (Grimsby)
Conner Aceves Esquivel (Grimsby): Encouraged by his father’s joy and his mother’s smarts, 15 year-old Sophmore Conner Esquivel can’t imagine being anything else other than an actor. Having acted in several productions such as “Diary of Anne Frank”, “Mary Poppins” and “Robin Hood”, Conner is looking forward to many productions and memories to come.
Alexandra RL Reyes (Andrina)
Alexandra RL Reyes (Andrina): Alex is a 16 year old Sophomore who has been in drama for one year and already has a passion for it. She is super excited for people to watch her and her peers put on a wonderful show full of excitement and laughter. Alexandra has done one other show (Robin Hood) this is her second show and she is eager to see her growth by opening night.
Aleesiah Boice (Tech)
Aleesiah Boice (stage manager): Aleesiah is a 16 year old sophomore. She is the president of the Sundevil Actor’s Guild and this is her 5th production at Apple Valley High, and second production being apart of the tech crew. She was assistant stage manager for last years production of Mary Poppins but also enjoys acting. Some of her roles include, Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank” and Marian Harper in this years fall play “Robin Hood”. She is so proud of everyone in the cast and crew for working so hard on a beautiful and fun show! It’s going to be great!
Alicia Alejandra Onsurez (Adella, Princess)
Alicia Alejandra Onsurez( Princess/ Adella) : 18 year old senior at Apple Valley High School. Prior education came from Encore Jr./Sr. High School for the Performing Arts. She has studied acting/ drama for 4 years. Studied vocal technique for 2 years. She also was in advanced choir for 5 years. “ I am excited to see how this show comes together and to see drama and choir collaborate like this.”
Amy Belkhatir (Seagull, Chef, Sailor)
Amy Belkhatir (Seagull, Chef, and Sailor ) Amy is a 14 year old in her first musical , who was backstage for the last show “Robin Hood”. Amy is excited to see how she’ll do dancing and singing in front of an audience
Katarina Tannler (Sea Creature, Chef)
Katarina Tannler (Sea Creature & Chef): Kat is 14 year old freshmen who has been in drama for one year. I am very excited to see how this show will come out. We have put so much effort towards this show as long as we all try our best I know we will do great. I was in the Robin Hood play for Apple Valley High School and I really enjoyed performing, I can´t wait to do it again.