About Shakespeare in the Park: Merry Wives of Windsor

We will be presenting this production outside and will be encouraging to people to drive and park to watch the show in their cars just like an old fashioned Drive In, Live Theatre Style.

Falstaff decides to fix his financial woes by seducing the wives of two wealthy merchants. The wives discover that he sent them identical letters and take revenge by playing tricks on Falstaff when he comes calling. With the help of their husbands and friends, the wives play one last trick in the woods to put Falstaff's mischief to an end.
There is also a love story. Anne Page, the daughter of Page and Mistress Page, has three suitors who all wish to marry her: Slender, Doctor Caius and Fenton.

Alban Arts Center

The Alban Arts Center is a small arts organization in the heart of downtown​ St. Albans.  Located within the historic Alban Theater, originally built in 1938 as a movie house, the Alban Arts Center provides a wide array of artistic opportunities for St. Albans and the surrounding community within its intimate 225 seat theater.  Primarily focusing on the performing arts, the Alban produces 4-6 productions every year, in addition to hosting several other theatre companies and touring productions.  The Alban, as a small and energetic organization, can segue from large, family oriented casts to intimate and intense dramas in the course of their season; and even produces an annual Shakespeare in the Park at one of St. Albans City Parks.  The Alban also hosts concerts, movies, and a variety of other performances throughout the year.