About Rock of Ages

At the legendary Bourbon Room dreams are coming true. Ok, maybe they aren’t the dreams
that were the same in the beginning, but dreams are powerful, and the rock atmosphere
of the ‘80s is “Just Like Paradise”. Sherrie is a small town girl, whose dreams
of being an actress led her to the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, there
she meets Drew, an aspiring rocker, has been waiting for a girl like her.  An almost destined love story is about to
take place. Or, is it? Dennis Dupree, owner of the Bourbon Room, and his friend
Lonny are put against the wily and corrupt Hertz Klineman, who has plans to
turn this bastion of rock and roll into a Footlocker athletic store. Protests,
aided by the fiery Regina, keep the bulldozers at bay for now, but for how long
can “We’re Not Gonna Take It’ hold out against the wrecking ball. Meanwhile,
before love can grow between Sherrie and Drew, the famous rock star Stacee Jaxx
“Wanted Dead or Alive” shows up to play one final gig at the Bourbon. Sherrie
finds out what love can cost in “I Wanna Know What Love is”, and she loses her
job only to find a new one as a stripper at the Venus Club in “Shadows of the Night.”
Drew, who rejected Sherrie for her fling, almost enjoys fame; not as a rocker,
but as the member of a boy band. Regina keeps the street hanging on and finds
an ally in Franz, son of the hated Hertz, to keep the dreams of the street
alive. Stacee once again thwarts Sherrie and Drew’s love story, but karma is
coming for him as a “Renegade”. Eventfully, true love prevails after many roses
and many thorns; the trick is to “Don’t Stop Believin.”

Here's what people are saying about Rock of Ages

“A seriously silly, absurdly enjoyable arena-rock musical...the
performances blend sincere conviction and knowing parody. I never would
have guessed that wine coolers could age this well!” – New York Times

“As the show opens with blinding lights, shredding guitars and
hammer-handed drumming, even nonbelievers may start inhaling the Aqua
Net and embracing their inner rocker.” – Variety

“Even doubters will be wiping tears from their Wayfarers. Rock of Ages is the
 power-ballad decade in all its glory, tricked out with big perms,
bigger dreams, and the kind of operatic ecstasy you read about only in
bathroom stalls.” – Entertainment Weekly