WElcome  Back!

Welcome back to the Rochester Civic Theatre! We are safely opening at 25% capacity and have selected a season that allow our actors to remain safe by socially distancing. In all of our productions you will see local talent showcased and a wide range of productions that will make you laugh out loud as well as warm your heart. We look forward to welcoming you back to the theatre!

The Secret Comedy of Women

Sep 17 - Sep 27, 2020

The Secret Comedy of Women® is a laugh-out-loud immersive theatrical celebration that exuberantly triumphs over the challenges of womanhood. This two-woman show liberates the universal female experience through a rollicking spectacle of sweetly-sharp comedy, songs, dances, stories and spontaneous moments of discovery that galvanizes the bonds all women share. The audience freely roars with laughter at everything that has ever held them back; from boys to bras and pantyhose to menopause. It’s no secret that every woman deserves a laugh like this.

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Oct 08 - Oct 17, 2020

A physicist and a beekeeper meet at a party. They hit it off and go for a drink. Or perhaps they don’t. Perhaps she is engaged to someone else, perhaps he is. Maybe she breaks his heart, maybe he breaks hers. Even in quantum parallel universes, in which every possibility exists, love stings like a bee. Time, it turns out, is a more effective breaker of hearts than human beings. Written in the stars, Constellations is living embodiment of parallel-universe theories, a love story is told with numerous deviations so that each character's choice splinters off in diverse directions. ​

It's A Wonderful Life

Dec 03 - Dec 19, 2020

Adapted by Joe Landry.

This beloved American holiday classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940s radio broadcast. With the helpof an ensemble that brings a few dozen characters to the stage, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve.

In the Rochester Civic Theatre Black Box