Romeo & Juliet RETURNS

Thank you RCT patrons, volunteers and talent for your patience during this challenging time in our nation's history! Our theatre, like all others across the country was forced to close its doors in March and unfortunately just before opening night of Romeo & Juliet! Our new staff and new board members have only just returned to the theatre the week of June 14th! 

We are proud to announce Romeo & Juliet will return to the stage July 23rd with
virtual streaming option available!

The Syringa Tree

Aug 20 - Aug 30, 2020

By Pamela Gien

The Syringa Tree takes place against the backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa. The story is told from the point of view of Elizabeth, a six-year-old child who doesn't yet understand the tensions and conflicts in the household shared with her parents, her brother and the beloved black nanny and her child, tracing the last 30 years of her personal South African history. Innocence is particularly hard to hold on to for the privileged white girl at the core of this story. Uncomfortable questions (why do we love a land capable of atrocities simply because it is “home”?) give way to uncomfortable answers —and devastating conclusions. Don’t miss this incredible story, playing August 20-30 at the Rochester Civic Theatre.

The Secret Comedy of Women

Sep 17 - Sep 27, 2020