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Any decisions about Drama Club for the 2020/2021 school year are on hold for now.  The school district will re-evaluate it's hybrid model of instruction at the end of October.  After reviewing this evaluation, I will make an announcement in early November.  

I am determined to produce a musical in March, per usual, IF the school district determines that it is safe to do so.  

For now, the links below are inactive.


View the Rehearsal Schedule HERE. (Copy and paste the link below into your browser.)



Family ID  (Copy and paste the link below into your browser.)

Our district has created an account for the Drama Club, just like the one used for athletics.  Please register your child ASAP.






You can access the rehearsal tracks to practice at home!  You just need to...

1) Get the "MTI Player" app.  (This is on the app store if you've got an apple device.  I don't know how you get apps for android devices, but it's supposed to be available for android too.)

2)  When the app prompts you to log in, LEAVE THE USERNAME BLANK, and use the code LIT147 as your password.  All the rehearsal tracks will be under the "Shows" menu