The Georgetown Theatre Workshop


The mission of the Georgetown Theatre Workshop is to introduce people to live stage performance. The public is welcome to attend the play productions for a nominal charge.
The Georgetown Theatre Workshop is a non-profit amateur theatre group, founded in 1974. A charter was signed on May 9, 1975.
The building that The Georgetown Theatre Workshop held most of their plays in, "The Old Grange," was sold in 2013. The home for Georgetown Theatre Workshop is now at the Perley School in Georgetown.
The GTW produces 3 plays a year, a fall, winter and spring production.
Each year, the GTW funds a scholarship for a local high school senior majoring in theatre. Portions of our proceeds have benefitted the Peabody Library of Georgetown and the Gazette Santa Fund.


We are located at the Perley School, 51 North Street, Georgetown, MA

Phone: Sue Clohecy 978-352-6367

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What to Expect

If you are planning to see your first show at the GTW, welcome! Georgetown Theatre Workshop puts on three main stage productions each season (Fall to Spring.)

Performances generally include two weekends, a 7:30 p.m. show on Saturday and a Sunday matinee at 2:00 p.m., followed by a 7:30 p.m. show on Friday and Saturday, and a 2:00 p.m. Sunday matinee the following weekend. Guests are encouraged to arrive early in order to find their seats and grab a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. Volunteer ushers will be present to guide you to your seat as well as answer any questions you may have.

There is no dress code for our shows, so whether you’re coming from work, school, or play, we encourage you to come on in!

Finally, don’t forget to stop by our concession stand. We offer concessions at each show including candy, chips, and drinks at reasonable prices. They are available for purchase before the show begins as well as during intermission.

We are so glad you have interest in seeing a GTW production, and would like to extend the invitation to support Georgetown’s one and only live theatre organization. No matter your background, the arts can be an enriching experience, and we hope you will become part of our theatre family.


We hope you will find our theatre a breeze to get around. The entry level (lobby, and concession stand) and performance area are wheelchair and power chair accessible via elevator. We also have a wheelchair/power chair accessible restroom.

Our ushers are happy to assist you in getting into your preferred seating arrangement. If you have any additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us through phone or e-mail prior to your visit!


Area Restaurants Include

The Spot: 19 West Main St. Georgetown - 978-352-3351 

Pub 97: 935 Salem St. Groveland - 978-372-3320

Pomodori: 42 Central St. Georgetown - 978-769-5626

The Flatbread Company: 258 Andover St. Georgetown - 978-769-1082

Village Sub & Pizza: 14 Central St. Georgetown - 978-352-2399

Tea Garden: 904 Salem St. Groveland - 978-374-1990

History of Shows


1974          (Sept. 14-15) Bertha, the Beautiful Typewriter Gir

1975           (Aug. 4-5) Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick

1976 (Jan.+Mar. Geordano's) Meanwhile Back on the Couch

1976 (June) Seven Keys to Baldpate

1976 (Nov.) Deadwood Dick or a Game of Gold

1977 (Feb.) Lovers and Other Strangers

1977 (Mar.) Who Needs a Waltz

1977 (May.) Done to Death

1977           (Nov.) Frankenstein

1978           (Feb.) God's Favorite

1978 (Nov.)Bedfd Vet Hosp.) Egad the Woman in White

1978 (May-June.) The Good Doctor

1979 (Mar.) Night of January 16th

1979 (Mar. Waste water Lawrence Plant Lover and other Strangers

1979 (Apr.St. Theresa's, Methuen Lovers and other Strangers

1979 (May.) You Can't Take It with you

1979 (Apr.) Egad The Woman in White

1979 (Nov.) The Mouse Trap

1980 (Feb.) Plaza Suite

1980 (May.) Never Too Late

1980 (Mar. Giordano's) Plaza Suite

1980 (Apr. St. Theresa's, Methuen The Mouse Trap

1980 (Nov.) Lo and Behold

1981 (Mar.) Bus Stop

1981 (Apr.) Plaza Suite

1981 (May) You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running

1981 May. Lawrence Girl Scouts Plaza Suite

1981 (Oct. Geordano's) You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running

1981 (Nov.) No Sex Please We're British

1982 (Jan.) No Sex Please We're British

1982 (Mar.) 40 Carats

1982 (Apr. St. Theresa's) 40 Carats

1982 (May.) Vaudeville Revue

1982 (July Lempster NH) Plaza Suite

1982          (Nov. ) George Washington Slept Here

1983          (Mar.) Ten Little Indians

1983 (May) Picnic

1983 (Nov.) Pleasant Street Revue: 10th Anniversary

1984 (Mar.) California Suite

1984 (May) Deadwood Dick or a Game of Gold

1984 (Nov.) To Grandmother's House

1985 (Mar.) Death Trap

1985 (May) Harvey

1985 (Aug.Lempster NH) Harvey

1985 (Oct.) An Evening with Mark Twain

1985 (Nov.) Subject to Change

1986 Mar Moments to Remember (Musical Review)

1986 May Lover and Other Strangers

1986 Nov The Hollow

1987 Mar The Matchmaker

1987 Nov Fools

1988 May Witness for the Proscecution

1988 Nov Habeus Corpus

1989 May The Man Who Came to Dinner

1989 Aug The Man Who Came to Dinner

1989 Nov Arsenic and Old Lace

1990 Feb No Mother to Guide Her

1990 Apr-May I've Heard That Song Before (Musical Review)

1990 Sept., Newport, NH Arsenic and Old Lace ("I'm leaving!")

1991 May On Golden Pond

1991 Nov Cactus Flower

1991 Mar Alone Together

1992 Nov Broadway Bound

1992 Apr-May Jury Room

1993 Feb Murder at the Vicarage

1993 Nov Rumors

1993 May I Hate Hamlet

1994 May Play On

1994 Mar Angel Street

1994 Nov They Came Two by Two

1995 Mar Crimes of the Heart

1995 Nov 13 Past Midnight

1995 May No Sex Please We're British

1996 Mar Steel Magnolias

1996 Nov Seven Keys to Balpate

1996 May California Suite

1997 Feb Social Security

1997 May Never Get Smart with an Angel

1997 Nov All Because of Agatha

1998 May God's Favorite

1998 Mar The Night Is My Enemy

1998 Nov Silver Anniversary Review

1999 Feb Lovers and Other Strangers

1999 May What's Blak and Wite and Red All Over?

1999 Sept To Grandmother's House

2000 Mar Return Engagements

2000 May Who Dunnit?

2000 Nov The Curious Savage

2001 Mar Death in England

2001 May The Sisters Rosensweig

2001 Nov Jack the Ripper: Monster of Whitechapel

2002 Mar The Uninvited

2002 May Harvey

2002 Nov The Picture That Was Turned to the Wall or She…Day

2003 Mar Breaking Legs

2003 May You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running

2003 Nov Fools

2004 Nov Three Bags Full

2004 Mar The Champagne Charlie Stakes

2004 May The Unexpected Guest

2005 Nov The Amorous Ambassador

2005 Mar The Orphans

2005 May Jitters

2006 Mar Anybody for Murder

2006 May Barbecuing Hamlet

2006 Nov The Fall of the House of Usher

2007 May Deadly Deal

2007 Nov The Sensuous Senator

2008 Mar Fridays

2008 May Cheating Cheaters

2008 Nov Sandbag, Stage Left or One Dead Dolly

2009 Feb Love Letters

2009 May There's a Burglar in my Bed

2009 Sep It Runs in the Family

2010 Feb Poison Pen Letters

2010 Mar The Good Doctor

2010 May Seniors of the Sahara

2010 Sep Death Comes in Threes

2011 Feb Razzle Dazzle Radio

2011 May The Mouse Trap

2011 Nov A Little Murder Never Hurt anybody

2012 Mar Poison Pen Letters, Lou Dispenza, author

2012 May Deval Divas

2012 Sep Beautiful Bertha, the Typewriter Girl

2013 Feb Almost, Maine

2013 May at Sparhawk School Greater Tuna at Sparhawk School Theater, Amesbury

2013 Nov at Sparhawk School In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Thast Should Be Shot)

2014 Mar at Sparhawk School Chamber Music

2014 May at Sparhawk School Arsenic and Old Lace

2014 Sept at Sparhawk School The Hollow

2015 Feb at Sparhawk School A Bad Year for tomatoes

2015 May at Sparhawk School They Came Two by Two

2015 Nov. Perley School Deathtrap by Ira Levin

2016 Feb. at Perley Sex Please We're Sixty

2016 May at Perley Breath of Spring

2016 Nov at Perley School Plaza Suite

2017 Feb at Perley School A Murder is Announced

2017 May at Perley School Sandbag, Stage Left or One Dead Dolly

2018 Nov. at Perley Love, Lies and the Doctor's Dilemma

2019 March at Perley Bell, Book & Candle

2019 May at Perley Blithe Spirit

2019 Nov at Perley, Play On!

GTW has presented 100 differerent plays and musical reviews, but 138 shows altogether.   

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