WELLSPRING by BackStory Theatre Presents:


Physically distanced live tickets and streaming online tickets go on sale March 25th.

Friday, May 21 @ 7:30pm * Saturday, May 22 @ 7:30pm * Sunday, May 23 @ 2pm

Live Tickets:  Reserved seating - $13

Broomfield Auditorium

3 Community Park Rd, Broomfield, CO 80020

Online Tickets:  Range - $13 - $25​

 (please select the correct cost based on how  many will be in front of your screen during viewing. 

Streaming show may only be accessed on one device at a time.)

​This exceptional new musical was written and composed by Preston Adams with additional composing and musical support from Kelly Bidstrup-Graham. Our creative team is comprised of strong women who are either LGBTQ or allies and who have lived experience with trauma and suicide. "There Will Be Light" is about a black teen, named Max, who falls in love with Ethan, a boy at their small-town high school, and the subsequent events that threaten to tear them and their community apart. For our families with younger children, please note, this is a modern, belting show with dramatic approach, strong language, and challenging topics including religion, LGBTQIA+, race, and suicide which will not be appropriate for our students under age 13.